Pipe Inspection Demonstration
The Central Atlantic Precast Concrete Association (CAPCA) hosted a Pipe Inspection Demonstration at Hanson Pipe & Precast’s Jessup Maryland facility on May 19, 2010. Approximately fifty guests include representatives from Maryland State Highway Administration, Washington DC Department of Transportation, Baltimore County Department of Public Works and FHWA. The Pipe Inspection Demonstration showcased current post installation equipment including CCTV, Laser Profile, and Laser Micrometer equipment. A run of 36” RCP and a run of 15” HDPE were laid above ground for the guests to see potential pipe issues through the eyes of the inspection equipment and compare what was observed to their own “unaided” eyes. The concrete pipe was “pre-cracked” on the three edge machine so that 0.01” and 0.05” cracks were available to inspect and measure with the Laser Micrometer. The HDPE was deflected in three separate directions, to highlight the advantages of using Laser Deflection technology to observe and measure deflections in flexible pipes. The event included a 20 minute presentation, live working inspections with the equipment, a plant tour, and a three edge bearing test.








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